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Shutters For Specialty Window Types in Houston

A handful of windows in your Houston home may not be perfect rectangles or squares. When the window is shaped in an arch, circle, or other unconventional shape, it’s an undertaking to find a window treatment that fits. That’s no longer true thanks to our custom-shaped shutters in Houston!

How to Use Shutters to Cover Specialty-shaped Windows

Our shutters specialists craft and construct your plantation shutters in Houston to flawlessly fit your specialty-shaped windows. We’ll come to your house and measure the radius of a circle window. And we’ll record the height of a French door. We’ll trace every detail on the angles of a triangle window. And we’ll take note of every single shutter louver so that it flawlessly fits into your window. All this care allows the shutters to seal off temperature and light while retaining your complete control of the shutters.

When you want a beautiful shutter on your bay window or sliding door, we fashion and install shutters that give you control over temperature and light. You can easily open your new shutters to enjoy the view of nature – or shut them for needed privacy.

We can also install shutters that cover only the bottom half of your window. That’s what is called café style shutters in Houston. This unique shutter type is a stylish option when you want indirect sunlight to come into the space without blinding family members who are next to the window. 

For every uniquely shaped window, we make custom-shape shutters. These aren’t simply any custom-shape shutters. Our shutters are the type of shutters that seamlessly fit to enhance the charming window shape you fell in love with. Learn more about the custom-shaped shutters we offer in Houston, TX.