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Design Your Polywood Shutters with our New Shutter Designer

Would you like to see what each Polywood shutter option looks like before your in-home consultation? Our Shutter Designer makes it possible. Select your shutter color, louver size, control, and frame. Then, choose your background wall color so you can get a feel for how our Polywood® shutters will beautify your windows. When you've found what you like, you can download your selections and e-mail them to the store and we’ll craft a quote on your custom-crafted Polywood shutters.


Here’s a few shutter tips:

  • Most Houston homeowners want Snow White.
  • 3.5” louvers narrowly edge out 4.5” louvers in popularity.
  • Pick a standard tilt rod for a rustic or conventional style home, and hidden tilt for more modern homes.
  • Split tilt and divider rails are exciting options that let you keep the bottom louvers closed for privacy and opening the top louvers to let in light.
  • For frames, the big rule of thumb is when you have trim or casing around your window, use the Decorative L, Flat L, or Standard L. No casing or trim: all frames will work.
  • For windows featuring a bottom sill piece—usually made from wood or marble—be sure to choose “with Sill” so you can get a full picture with the sill frame that sits on top of that sill piece.
  • Interested in window treatments including shades or blinds? Try our Window Treatment Visualizer instead.

Discovered The Right Combination? Let Us Know So We Can Order Your Custom Polywood Shutter

Simply click the Download Selections button and email us the pictures of your preferred custom shutter options or fill out the form and attach your download. We’ll arrange an in-home consultation to show you shutter samples with you and complete your order. You can also contact us at 713-853-9629 or complete the form on this page to schedule an in-home consultation and get more information about our amazing Polywood shutters and all of their custom options.