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When you gaze at the most beautiful homes in Humble, your eyes are automatically drawn to their windows. Since 1992, Sunburst Shutters Houston has made those homes and their windows look breathtaking by providing the highest quality plantation shutters you can find in Humble.

From our expert workmanship and groundbreaking products to unmatched customer care, Sunburst is happy to be Humble’s best local shutter provider, serving several homeowners each year.

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Interior Shutters - Humble’s Best Window Covering

Many homeowners in Humble have chosen interior shutters to add style to their homes. Why are plantation shutters some of their favorite window treatments? Here’s just a few reasons:
  • Beauty - Interior plantation shutters convey elegance and timelessness due to their simplicity and crisp lines. They work with a variety of fashions, color palettes, and even other window coverings. And because they’re able to be built to cover any kind of window they can be installed on any window in your house.

  • Resilience - Most window treatments such as blinds break within a few years and will require frequent replacing. However interior shutters are designed to last decades. Even with the constant sun beating down in Humble, plantation shutters won’t lose their color, bend, or chip.

  • Temperature Control - Interior shutters keep your home insulated from its most notorious energy leak – your windows. Their r-value is higher than blinds, draperies, or shades which results in less heat transfer and lower utility costs.

Polywood - The Best-Selling Faux Wood Shutter in Humble

We can give you several reasons why Polywood® plantation shutters are the most popular faux wood shutter in Humble. First, their enduring beauty and masterful construction will enhance any window in any room - even if the window is a unique shape such as a circle or rake window.

Aside from their looks, Polywood shutters are tremendously durable and won’t ever warp, crack or chip. Polywood Shutters are also resistant to heat and moisture and are paired with a lifetime warranty on all products and professional installation. And their patented weatherstripping design beats out other window treatments’ energy efficiency, blocking nearly half of all the heat transfer through your window.

Lastly, Polywood shutters are manufactured in the U.S. and are built utilizing “green” components. Sunburst Shutters Houston also sells Studio Shutters, which are a more economical, stripped-down shutter.

Get Natural Looks with Humble’s Best Wood Shutters

There is nothing that offers the same sensation of backstory, character, and fullness as natural wood shutters. In Humble, the highest quality wood shutters are Sunburst’s Ovation® wood shutters. While rival wood shutters may be hollow, Ovation wood shutters are constructed from 100% solid furniture-grade teak. That means you not only get the natural warmth you can only get from real hardwood, but also the assurance that your shutters will last you generations.

Ovation hardwood shutters can coordinate with the existing trim or hardwood floors in your space, as well. With dozens of different wood finishes to pick from, there’s not a room in your home they won’t look fantastic in.

Sunburst also sells reclaimed wood shutters in Humble. Each reclaimed wood shutter is built from repurposed lumber from different sources around the country, with each individual shutter pane brings its own story and character to your home.

Sunburst Makes Custom Shutters for Humble

Our shutter-making process is totally unique, and is the reason why we’re able to provide the highest quality custom shutters in Humble. Here’s how our shutter process goes from start to finish:

  • You call 713-853-9629 or fill out a consultation request online to plan a consultation in your home with a Sunburst shutter experts.

  • Your Sunburst Shutters rep arrives at your home to get measurements of your windows, show you all your shutter and window covering options, and provide design tips.

  • You pick a window covering from our wide catalogue and complete your order.

  • A short time later, our install team returns to your house to install your new custom shutters while you relax and watch the magic happen.

And that’s all there is to it–you can get American-made custom shutters in Humble without lifting a finger. Because our pros are there to guide you every step of the process, you’re guaranteed to get shutters that are an exact fit to your home.

A Variety of Shades and Blinds In Humble

If you need a window covering aside from shutters, we have what you need. We have an assortment of blinds, shades, and other window coverings for you to choose from.

Polywood Blinds In Humble

Our new Polywood blinds fuse the easy operation of blinds with the resilience and clean looks of Polywood. Pick from either wood blinds constructed from faux wood or basswood blinds.

Shades In Humble

Our shades come in an array of styles, textures, colors, and patterns to fit any space in your home. Choose from standard shades, patterned shades, Honeycomb shades, and more to achieve the best looks for your space.

If you need ideas, take a look at our Home Idea Gallery which is full of photos of every window covering we offer in Humble.

Choose The Best For Your Humble Window Treatments

Your windows are an extension of your personal style, and your house. So work with the best local window treatment company in Humble - Sunburst Shutters Houston. Our award-winning products, commitment to our customers, and our decades of service in the home design and window treatment world give our customers confidence that they’ll have the easiest shutter-buying experience and custom product in their home.

So call Sunburst Shutters Houston today at 713-853-9629 to set up a free in-home consultation in Humble or any of its surrounding areas. We’re eager to help with any concerns you may have about window design.