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Which Louver Size Is Best For Me?

August 04, 2017

Louver Size

Louver size is all about personal preference. This option can change the look of your shutters to go along with your style and design. When I’m with a customer I do try to find out which louver size they like the best, but still cover all the pros and cons.

2.5" Louver

Shutters on a bay window in Houston 

2.5″ louvers are the smallest louver we offer at Sunburst Shutters Houston. There are some companies that still manufacture 1.5″ louvers or .875″ louvers. In my opinion, these are way too small. Part of the benefit of shutters is being able to have a view between the louvers. The smaller you go the more cluttered and busy they look. Some people want the “colonial” style look that this louver size provides. Some companies will charge more for this size solely for the fact that there are just more of them.

3.5″ Louver

Shutters in an empty kitchen 

3.5″ is my favorite louver size and the one we have at the Cryer home. I recommend it to all my customers. It gives the plantation shutter look, without being “too bulky” or being “too cluttered”. This size gives you 3″ of view between each louver, opening up the view far greater than the 2.5″ louver. It looks great on any size window.

4.5″ Louver

Plantation shutters in a kitchen 

4.5″ louvers provide the minimum number of louvers and the maximum view between each slat. So practically, it provides fewer louvers to clean as well. This louver, while looking great on large windows can start to look a little bulky on smaller, shorter windows. I do get asked from time to time, “Well, can I do 3.5″ louvers on the smaller openings and then 4.5″ louvers on the larger?” My response is, “We are a custom shutter company, we can do anything you’d like. However, I do not recommend it, because it looks better to be consistent throughout the house.”

So which one to choose? Again, the one you like best is usually the answer.