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Motorized shades on tall windows in a living room

Where To Put Motorized Window Shades In Your Houston Home

September 21, 2023

You know about motorized window shades in Houston and how they can revolutionize your home. But how should you utilize these present-day window treatments?

You'll gain the most from your motorized shades when you place them in rooms where you want to obstruct sunlight without getting up, like a media room or bedroom. They also make sense on large, high, and hard-to-reach windows.

Install Motorized Window Shades Where You Need Remote Control Of Exterior Light

White motorized roller shade on a bedroom window

Imagine kicking back for your favorite show, and during the most exciting scene, the descending sun shines through the glass directly on the television. Or, you're working at home, and you have trouble seeing on your conference call because the light has produced a glare on your computer screen.

Motorized window shades can remove these frustrations. Put them in your home office, bedroom, media room, or any area where you want to avoid glare or need to control sunlight. When you need to obstruct the outside light, you can stealthily tap a button without missing anything. Simply lower the shade without moving from your chair during your business meeting or from your favorite recliner when enjoying a movie. If you connect your motorized shades to a smart home device, you are able to instruct them with vocal commands. You can even have them raise or lower at a predetermined time daily to match your normal routine!

Get Relief From The Heat With Motorized Shades On Hot Windows

Gray motorized sheer shades on corner windows next to gray furniture

When the scorching sun streams through your windows, the temperature increases and drives up your utility expenses. You can keep the heat away with motorized window shades in Houston. Pick an energy-efficient cellular or sturdy roller shade and request the motorized option. Then when the daylight coming in your windows gets to be too much, easily close your motorized window shades to keep out blazing UV rays.

Conveniently Cover Large Windows With Motorized Shades

White motorized shades on a large bedroom window

Expansive windows bring in an abundance of light and provide an amazing view. But oversized window treatments on your window can be a challenge to open and close. Get motorized window shades for your Houston home so you don’t have to fight with cumbersome window coverings. You can raise and lower them without placing a hand on them. Merely tap the button and let the motor do it for you.

Motorized Shades Are Perfect For Tall Windows

Black motorized shades on three windows in a beige dining room

If you need to cover a window that is hard to access, your best bet is a motorized shade. No more getting on step stools or keeping a window constantly covered! All you have to do is operate the device to open or close the shade from wherever you are in the room. You can even change positions of motorized shades from the office, the store, or wherever you are with a smartphone app to have a nicely illuminated space when you arrive home.

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