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Woven brown shades in a classic style dining room

In What Rooms Should You Consider A Woven Or Bamboo Shade In Houston?

January 07, 2022

If natural woven and bamboo shades sparked your interest when browsing for window coverings, you likely saw their appeal immediately and visualized them in your Houston rooms. They unquestionably appear different from traditional cloth window treatments. They work a little differently, too. Natural products like bamboo shades might not fulfill your window product needs in each scenario, but you will discover areas of your home where they are the best possible option. See how you should utilize woven fiber and bamboo shades in your Houston house to completely benefit from these inspired window coverings.

Consider Woven Or Bamboo Shades In Houston To Bring A Natural Element To Your Windows

Many contemporary interior design styles stress the importance of using products to transport a small portion of the outdoors in. If you’ve already decorated with solid wood pieces and greenery, you can use woven or bamboo shades in Houston to bring another natural focal point to your home. Get window treatments in organic materials including bamboo, grasses, rattan, and jute. They all have their own unique appearance to match your preferences. Their earthy tones and fiber weaves are found in limitless variations that impart a warm, lasting appeal to your interior.

Use Woven Shades For The Perfect Balance Of Privacy And Sunlight

Woven brown shades in a dining room  

Window coverings will help in delivering the balance of sunlight and privacy you want in your home. You’ll find many alluring weave patterns, and each shade allows a unique amount of natural light to enter the room, depending on how tight the weave is. You could install shades with a looser weave in a kitchen or sitting room for a little privacy without losing all that sunlight. Shades with tighter weaves increase your privacy and help control intense sunlight in a an office or formal dining room where you prefer a little light from the exterior but not glaring sun beams. On the other hand, if you’re looking for complete light control and privacy in bedrooms or bathrooms, louvered shutters or light-blocking roller shades work best.

Use Bamboo Shades If You Prefer Eco-friendly Products

Bamboo brown style shades in a corner of a classic style living room. 

More and more residents are interested in their effect on the earth and seek environmentally conscious products. If you count yourself in this group, use bamboo shades in your Houston residence. Bamboo is a renewable natural resource because it regrows very quickly. It also doesn’t need toxic chemicals to process. Bamboo is both strong and flexible, so it creates durable window coverings that will last a long time. If the time comes when you decide to replace your shades, bamboo will fully biodegrade back to the earth, dissimilar to products made from synthetic materials.

Ask The Specialists At Sunburst Shutters Houston On Ways To Employ Bamboo Shades In Your Houston Home

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