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Closed Polywood shutters on three living room windows

What To Consider When Buying Insulated Interior Shutters In Houston

June 05, 2024

Putting in louvered shutters is a great way to boost your windows’ energy efficiency–if you choose the proper products. Not every kind of louvered shutter will insulate your windows suitably. So how will you know if you’ve come across quality insulating interior shutters in Houston? Here’s what you need to contemplate and where to get energy-efficient shutters for your home.

Insulated Interior Shutters In Houston Are Designed For Energy Savings

Closed Polywood shutters on three living room windows

All window coverings can limit some temperature loss and airflow if you shut them, but that doesn’t equate to insulating your windows. Window blinds have too many spaces that let chilly air or UV rays through. Some types of window shades, such as cellular shades, are constructed to trap a portion of the exterior air before it heats up or chills your interior. But shades aren’t able to seal tightly enough to be truly insulating.

Insulating interior shutters are designed to stop temperature transfer from windows. All plantation shutters are manufactured with solid materials that hot and cold air can’t get past. Premium shutters are crafted with precision. Whenever you secure their panels and louvers, you don’t get large openings that allow daylight or drafts. Additionally, insulating shutters in Houston have unique features to help them prevent temperature loss. Polywood® shutters use exclusive weather sealing to insulate against UV heat and drafts. They are built with minimal openings, and their white finish also reflects heat. These qualities enable Polywood shutters to insulate up to 70% better than wood shutters.

Energy-saving Shutters Are Made To Last

Polywood shutters on a bathroom window

Durability is a critical aspect of a window treatment’s efficiency. A broken or torn window treatment creates holes that allow hot sunlight and cold drafts. If an operating mechanism breaks, you likely won’t be able to manipulate the treatment adequately.

Pick strong, long-lasting insulating shutters. Polywood shutters are the longest lasting choice as they are resistant to usual window treatment damage. They will not warp, crack, or shrink from humid conditions or unseasonal temperatures. Their strong louvers won’t easily break or bend and can be replaced in uncommon instances when they do get defaced. Polywood shutters last decades without their components coming loose or their UV-proof paint breaking down—and that’s superior to any other kind of shutter.

Always Get Custom Insulated Interior Shutters From An Expert Window Treatment Installer

Closed Polywood shutters on a dining room window
When choosing insulated interior shutters in Houston, always purchase from a reputable custom window treatment specialist. You can order shutters online, but insulating shutters have to fit your windows precisely. If you try measuring or installing shutters, you’ll likely end up with too much space external temperatures can come through. If you purchase from a specialized Houston window treatment specialist, you can rest assured they will measure and install your insulating shutters expertly for the most energy savings.


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