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What Custom Window Treatments Hold Their Value Best In Houston?

May 12, 2021

Made-to-order and expertly-installed window coverings are an investment for your home. They cover your windows precisely to minimize blinding light, give privacy, and add elegance to a room. As with any investment, you want them to last a long time and give value to your house. Custom-made Polywood® shutters offer all of the qualities of Houston window treatments that hold value through the years. They match every decor trend, resist deterioration, and decease energy use.

Polywood® shutters in a home office. 

Polywood Shutters Have Lasting Appeal

Whenever you’re looking for made-to-order window treatments that hold value in Houston, seek options that won’t look outdated as trends change. Interior shutters have been around for hundreds of years because they are practical and because people enjoy their aesthetic. Although Polywood shutters are a modern version, their classic sharp lines give effortless curb appeal to traditional homes and contemporary ones alike. You don’t have to bother changing Polywood shutters if you renovate your Houston home or sell it ten years down the road because their appeal is enduring.

Custom Polywood shutters look impressive as an element of your decor too. They are available in several shades of white that coordinate with all types of decor. Your installer will fit them to your windows, so they fit exactly with no overhang or gaps. The shutters you install today will still work in the future as you update your interior design or if someone else with different tastes buys your house.

Polywood® shutters in a bathroom.

Polywood Shutters Last Longer Than Other Window Covers

Window treatments that hold their value in Houston must last long enough to make the cost worthwhile. Custom-built Polywood shutters outlast other window treatments because they are low maintenance and incredibly durable. They don’t tear like curtains or wear out easily like blinds. Their quality fabrication keeps them in good working order. They deter termites and endure bangs and bumps from pets and kids. When they get smudged or dusty, all they need is a fast wipe with a duster or damp cloth.

Polywood shutters feature a baked-on finish that prevents moisture damage and extreme heat and cold. Your Polywood shutters won’t ever warp, split, or chip, whether they’re in a cold north-facing window or hot, humid bathroom. They are UV stabilized and won’t discolor in sunlight. You can plan to enjoy tough Polywood shutters for the whole time that you live in your Houston home, and future owners can use them too!

Polywood® shutters in a window. 

Polywood Shutters Keep Energy Use Down

The most effective home improvements make your Houston home more comfortable and return on the investment over time. Energy-efficient Polywood shutters do so with their special patented weather stripping. They insulate your windows, keeping interior air in and outdoor drafts out so that you are comfortable every season.

This insulation also makes your HVAC system’s job easier. It doesn’t need to run as hard to keep you cool or warm, lowering your energy expenses each season. This kind of savings adds value to your house, making custom Polywood shutters an incredible investment over ready-made treatments.

Buy The Best Window Treatment That Holds Its Value In Houston

Custom-made Polywood shutters from Sunburst Shutters hold their value a long time so that you can use them for as long as possible. To find out more about Polywood shutters and other window treatments, call us at 713-853-9629 or fill out the form below to schedule a free in-home consultation.