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Goodbye Outdated Window Treatments For Entry Door Sidelights In Houston, TX!

November 24, 2015
The entry door is one of the first things a guest notices about your Houston house as they’re knocking. The sidelights on the sides contribute to the beauty of the entry door. At the same time, they reduce your overall privacy. Say hello to window shutters. These window fashions are a perfect solution for the sidelights on your entry door.
A number of Houston homeowners went with classic window treatments for sidelights, including blinds or shades. Yet there’s a more modern option: entry door sidelight shutters.

Shades & Blinds For Entry Door Sidelights

Shades and blinds may be the first window treatments you think of when it comes to sidelights. They’re available in home improvement stores in sizes that may not be an exact fit for your entry door sidelights. And youhave a grasp on how to mount them and open and close them.
However shades and blinds for sidelights have some concerns to think about before purchasing them. First, they will sway any time the door is open or shut, when the wind rattles the slats against the glass. This leads to irritating noise. One way to fix that is to tie them down at the bottom. But this might change the style and do little to reduce the noise. Second, these window treatments provide privacy but aren’t suited for temperature control. The fragile material fails to insulate against the outside temperature - hot or cold. And third, blinds and shades don’t have the custom look that blows a guest away as they walk in through the entry door. Plantation shutters do.

Entry Door Sidelight Shutters In Houston, TX

Entry Door Sidelight Shutters In Houston, TX 
Plantation shutters are the modernized window fashion you’ve been searching for in Houston. Built from solid wood or wood substitute, shutters for entry door sidelights are mounted on the door’s frame while letting the louvers move freely. This means opening and closing the front door does not create any noise.
Closed entirely, plantation shutters provide ultimate privacy and control over temperature. Easily tilt the louvers by shifting the tilt rod to bring in more of the sunshine and the scenery. And Polywood® plantation shutters louvers block 30° of temperature and decrease airflow by up to 45%.
The elegance of plantation shutters for sidelights is more than energy savings. With a wide selection of frame styles, wood stains, louver sizes, and a paint matching program, you can finally the modern style you’ve been looking for. Our professionals assist you in choosing custom window shutters for your entry sidelights. And we’ll mount them to fit your sidelights perfectly.

Get Entry Door Sidelight Shutters For Your Houston Home

Ready to say farewell to outdated window treatments and say hello to shutters for entry door sidelights? And if you are looking for matching shutters for your French doors or patio door, we offer those, too. Call 713-853-9629 or fill out the form below to schedule your free in-home design consultation today!