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Modern living room with a large tv screen and white polywood shutters.

Five Tips To Create An Amazing Media Room In Houston

June 29, 2022

Today’s home theater equipment makes it easy to experience TV, movies, and gaming as you kick back in your own home. That’s why residents of Houston are inspired to create home media rooms. The question is: What should you have to produce a fabulous home media room? From ideal window treatments to soundproofing, explore these five suggestions for creating a media room in Houston that everyone will appreciate.

#1 Take Charge Of Exterior Light With Interior Shutters

Large media room with white Polywood shutters. 

Nothing ruins your movie night like the sun’s rays on your screen. Adjustable interior lights help, but what do you do for sunlight? Choose interior shutters for window treatments in your media room in Houston for superior control of sunlight. Louvered shutters feature a framework that encompasses your window frame to inhibit outside light. These durable products also consist of panels on hinges with adjustable slats that slide together tightly to provide nearly complete darkness. You may also manipulate the louvers up or down to redirect light away from televisions or your sightline without making your room resemble an underground cavern.

In the event you select Polywood® shutters, you’ll get improved window insulation too. These composite shutters halt the sun’s rays and airflow to keep your media room at a pleasant temperature level. They may prohibit as much as 30 degrees of heat transference, lowering your energy costs.

#2 Enhance Your Media Room’s Audio Experience With A Few Doable Projects

As soon as you address the lighting in your Houston media room, tackle the acoustics. Drywall works well for walls in media rooms, but basement concrete devastates the clarity of sound. The most straightforward way to prevent reverberation in your lower ground media room is by inserting acoustic panels. If you need to resolve the sound issues in your media room, go with do-it-yourself sound dampening or deadening products. You can combine those with window treatments, like shutters, to inhibit noise from outside.

#3 Choose The Appropriate Electronics

The proper electronics will give you superb audio as well. Start with a surround sound system. Numerous people prefer devices with Wi-Fi capability since you won’t have to trouble yourself with concealing wires.

You’ll also want an amazing TV. Popular LED TVs are brighter, but 4k TVs generally have better contrast ratios and wider viewing angles. You could also go with a projector and screen for that movie theater experience in your media room. Whatever television you select, mount it higher up your wall for improved viewing angles.

#4 Find Comfy Sofas And Chairs

Large media room with white Polywood shutters. 

You won’t be able to enjoy your favorite show without a cozy seating option. If you’re going for home theater vibes, select the appropriate chairs with reclining backs and cup holders for your drinks. If video games are your jam, invest in a few chairs suitable for long hours at play. A spacious sectional is a smart choice as well. While you’re at it, add some plush throw blankets and cushy pillows to hunker down for those binge watching nights.

#5 Set The Tone With Your Favorite Theme

Design however you want when creating a media room in Houston. Do you love Old Hollywood? Is your goal to give the impression that you’re sitting in a real theater? Framed movie posters, a classic popcorn machine, and vibrant colors will reinforce the purpose of your media room.

For a more toned down appearance, design around your preferred color scheme. Warm colors with real wood finishes and coordinating Ovation® shutters will make your media room feel cozy. You could also go light and airy with soft neutral hues and Polywood shutters.

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