Easy And Fun Family Home Improvement Projects

Cory Cryer

Including your family in on home improvement projects in Houston may seem hard, but don’t let the small things block you. Any home renovation can become a fun and memorable experience when all ages can work together on a home improvement project. The trick is to choose accessible home renovations where every person of the family can feel like they are part of a purposeful contribution.

From selecting window treatments to building a flower or vegetable garden, here are just a few tips for memorable family home improvement projects in Houston.

Select Window Treatments And Different Home Renovations

Plantation shutters in a girls bedroom

When planning your home renovation adventure with your family, many times it’s easier to lead with something quick but meaningful. Selecting the right window treatments with the family allows everyone to envision the area and how little improvements can make a huge difference.

When the family can agree on updates like new window treatments, you create more buy-in on your home’s color’s and furnishings. If there’s little buy-in, try getting a stylish window shade that will add some personality to your kid’s bedroom. Or kick off the project inside the family room with strong faux-wood plantation shutters that will hold up to even the most rambunctious games of tag. In addition to style, upgraded window treatments can also provide economic benefits for your home – for example durability and energy efficiency.

Of course, you’ll want to get your window treatments customized using window experts like Sunburst Shutters Houston. At your in-home or virtual consultation, we can help your family find the right window treatment for everyone's room. And at the time that your window treatments are being outfitted and installed, your family can move on to other home improvement projects in Houston.

Add Some Flowers and Shrubs To Your Outdoor Patio

With warmer weather brings additional time for you and your family and friends to have some fun in the outdoors, perhaps taking advantage of your home’s patio or large and lush yard. Thinking it’s time to enhance your curb appeal? Try including a flower garden to your space for a easy DIY with a impressive payoff.

Adding a raised flower bed can be such a quick and entertaining project that will add a pop of color to your outdoor space and encourage all family members to to help with the project. You should start by encouraging each family member to pick their own flower to plant in the new raised flower garden.

Are flowers not for you? Consider installing an easy wood raised bed for a veggie garden. This can be placed in tight areas and can serve as a charming addition with many benefits. Additionally, you get fresh vegetables for your family to enjoy.

Bring Out The Paint

Adding paint to a family room can help brighten up a space in addition to being a fun family home improvement project in Houston. Begin by selecting the color -- kids usually have eclectic ideas of what color they want to see on the walls. Then make sure everyone involved will have their own brush and smock.

If you have a couple of small painters, think about taping off the trim at the bottom of the wall before bringing in the kiddos to help. By marking up the walls into portions, you will ensure everyone has their separate area to work that’s just the correct height.

If painting a room with your family doesn’t sound like a good thing, opt for painting outside by putting a brand-new color of paint on the fence that’s behind your home instead.

Renew The Seating In Your Home

Plantation shutters in Houston

Updating a chair in your home is a great way to restore old furniture to a new style. Simply grab your favorite fabric, purchase a staple gun, and bring a fresh appeal to an outdated piece of furniture. And it’s a project the whole family can help with.

There’s no need to end with chairs. Maybe that outdated ottoman needs an update or your living room loveseat just does not fit the decor . You could get an amazing amount of afternoon projects from one roll of fabric! The best thing about this type of project is if you don't agree with the end product, it’s easy to pick another pattern and start all over again.

Begin your First Family Home Improvement Project in Houston with Sunburst Shutters Houston

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