Announcing The Share Your Shutters 2016 Summer Winner!

Cory Cryer

We’re excited to feature the #ShareYourShutters contest winner for Summer 2016 – Sabrina L. of Houston, Texas!

Sabrina’s living room shutters got our attention with how perfectly they complemented her decor and add to her interior design.

Natural Wood shutters in living room windows by Sunburst Shutters Houston.

“They’re still one of my favorite things about my home,” Sabrina raved when she sent in the photos of her winning room. And we agree with her; those Ovation® plantation shutters work fantastically in the space, flawlessly matching the tan and oak color palette of her design.

The look of the natural wood shutters also goes great with her hardwood table and floor, turning it into a room that brings sights of the outdoors inside. Additionally with the room’s fairly large windows, the plantation shutters let her set any tone with the amount of control she has over light–just look at the light coming in! The fact that they’re still one of her favorite home furnishings exemplifies the longevity and appeal of plantation shutters.

As our winner, Sabrina will receive a Houston restaurant gift certificate for $100, in addition to bragging rights for her wonderful house!

Think your shutters look good enough to win? Share pictures of your shutters installed by Sunburst Shutters Houston to enter the #ShareYourShutters contest for this fall, and you might be the winner of a gift certificate and have your home design featured as well. We think another winner from the Houston area is definitely possible - why shouldn't it be you?
Share shutters, Houston!