8 Great Applications for Reclaimed Wood in Your Houston Home

Cory Cryer

Houston residents adore making use of reclaimed wood in its rough-hewn natural state. It’s become a fashionable way to upcycle weathered wood and unleash your individual style. Reclaimed wood products draw one’s gaze whether on a wall, your cabinets, or – yes! – your windows. Searching out a few pointers on how to showcase the most appealing features of reclaimed wood properly? We’ve gathered 8 fantastic ideas for you – each and every one applied to gorgeous effect in Houston homes.

1. Reclaimed Wood for Windows

Now here’s a first you’ll appreciate: reclaimed wood is available to you at last as a window treatment. Sunburst Shutters now offers a plantation shutter made from reclaimed wood of the finest quality. As a matter of fact, Sunburst is the only company providing reclaimed wood shutters in the Houston area. We found the reclaimed wood you want and used it to give you a louvered shutter that’s just as appealing for its functionality as it is for its beauty.

Reclaimed wood shutters above bench

Reclaimed wood can be a window treatment like no other. You know you’re ahead of the game, certainly, when your reclaimed wood shutters are a masterpiece in themselves. And Sunburst ensures that they are. You’ll appreciate their smooth, simple operation as well as their look. Tilt the louvers open to let more light in. And tilt them closed to bring out the weathered look of reclaimed wood on your window. If we’ve piqued your interest, you’ll want to look further into reclaimed wood for windows in Houston

2. Reclaimed Wood for Your Wall

Nothing brings the outside in as wonderfully as a reclaimed wood wall. Reclaimed wood paneling accentuates your wall and lends a homey feel to the room. Whether you have a TV, bookcase, fireplace, or artwork you want to show off, a reclaimed wood wall will look stunning behind it and produce just the effect you’d hoped for.

3. Reclaimed Wood and Floors

Looking to redo a floor in your house? Any wood flooring can add warmth and coziness to a room, but flooring of reclaimed wood has an unparalleled beauty borne of the time – usually decades – the wood has spent in its natural outdoor environment. No matter if you’re partial to being outside in nature or merely one who likes the appearance of weathered wood, you’ll be thrilled with what a reclaimed wood floor can do to upgrade your home.

4. Reclaimed Wood and Cabinets

What better time could you have to enhance the look of your kitchen cabinets now that superior-quality reclaimed wood is so readily available? It’s the natural way to dress up your whole kitchen. Each panel of reclaimed wood tells an amazing tale – of decades [[spent in an old building, for example, or as part of a barn or fence. And something of that story will remain in your reclaimed wood cabinets, crossing your mind whenever you reach into them.

5. Reclaimed Wood Makes a Great Table

A tabletop made of reclaimed wood can add a contemporary, totally transcendent look to your dining room or home office. Unite the reclaimed wood’s natural tones and textures with your décor for a harmonious look that satisfies your creative vision – as it “wows” your guests!

6. Your Bookcases Cry Out for Reclaimed Wood

Aside from what else we might find attractive about them, books make fantastic decorative pieces. Place a book or group of books on a coffee table or end table, on a bookshelf, or in a big bookcase, and they’ll inevitably make a good impression. Their pleasing variety is both differentiated and harmonized in bookcases of natural wood, too. And bookcases of reclaimed wood, with their natural colors, knots, holes, scratches, and other telling features, become a particularly eye-filling, one-of-a-kind furnishing.

7. Reclaimed Wood for Frames

The plain, natural look of reclaimed wood is just right for picture frames. It actually can enhance your favorite artwork and important photos in a decidedly distinctive manner. What’s equally notable that frames of reclaimed wood can be crafted in a wide range of styles, thus they’ll harmonize with almost any décor.

8. Use Reclaimed Wood for Your Headboard

Not much can upgrade the appearance of a bedroom like a ingeniously designed and constructed headboard.

These days, when renovating, homeowners are just as predisposed to attach a headboard to the wall behind their bed as they are to fasten one directly to the bed itself. However you want it, a headboard made of reclaimed wood planking can be undeniably breathtaking. It’s natural hues and weathered features are easily adapted to a multiplicity of styles, from antique to modern. With reclaimed wood, your artistic talent can definitely take off, letting you achieve the headboard of your dreams!

Get Reclaimed Wood Inspiration

Our goal was to inspire you with these 8 ideas for making use of reclaimed wood. But we have plenty of other ideas kicking around – ideas that marvelously underscore the beauty of the reclaimed wood shutters only we offer in Houston. Our specialists would be delighted to show you samples of our shutters, answer your questions, and give you lots of other great design ideas. Call us at 713-853-9629 to set up your free in-home design consultation at your convenience!