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5 Decisions To Think About When Ordering Plantation Shutters In Houston

December 22, 2015

Buying plantation shutters for your Houston residence is an important investment. Your shutters should provide value in functionality, energy savings, and beauty. But before you begin calling up shutter stores, there are some things to think about when it comes to window shutters. Read about these 5 decisions you’ll have to make when ordering plantation shutters in Houston, TX.

Plantation Shutters Louver Size

Louvers are the shutters’ horizontal elements that tilt to let as much or as little of the light and view in. Plantation shutters are custom made with three different louver sizes. 4.5” is the widest of louver sizes. This louver size is a favorite in the Houston area because it brings in the most light and view - and it’s easy to keep clean.

With smaller 2.5” and 3.5” louvers, there are more louvers on the window. Plantation shutters with smaller louver sizes result in a smaller viewing area and might be a bit trickier to clean. Keep these in mind when ordering shutters.


Plantation Shutters Frame Style

Plantation shutters are fixed on a window using a frame. The shutter frame that borders the panel adds another layer of personalization. Some frames look better based on the type of window in the room. Here is a sample of frame styles offered.

Craftsman frame  Outside mounted L frame  Z frame for shutters  Decorative casing frame

Contact your shutter professional about the frame styles offered in Houston - and if an inside or outside mount is best for your window.

Plantation Shutters Tilt Rod

A shutter tilt rod is the perpendicular element that makes it possible to tilt the shutters in unison. One option is a front mount tilt bar. This classic tilt rod is placed on the front of the shutter panel. To adjust the shutters, just move the tilt rod. 

Tips For Finding Plantation Shutters In Houston, TX 
The other option is a rear mount tilt rod. Here, the tilt rod is located on the back side of the shutter panel. It’s hidden from view when you close the shutters. And you can control the shutters by adjusting a single louver and all the others move as well. The tilt rod can be spotted on the side when the shutters are open. This tilt rod option may result in the shutters looking like large blinds.

Plantation Shutters Materials

The shutter material is the main factor in the energy savings you receive and the paints and stains available. Sunburst Shutters Houston offers two quality plantation shutter products in Houston to pick from:

  • Polywood® shutters: built from a patented wood synthetic that won’t split, insulates 70% better than the equivalent wood shutter, comes in 3 premium white paints that won’t lose their color and a custom color-matching program.
  • Ovation® wood shutters: crafted from 100% Teak, has better insulating qualities than most window treatments, comes in 11 paints and 28 stains.
Watch this recorded design tip to learn which interior shutters are the most energy efficient.

Plantation Shutters Installation

You can set up plantation shutters diy style. But we recommend against diving into this home improvement project before talking to an expert.
Deciding on the suitable shutter company to set up your new plantation shutters is essential to operational and elegant window treatments. Play this clip for tips on purchasing plantation shutters in Houston, TX.

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