Cover Your Circle Windows with Circular Shutters In Houston

Although circle-shaped windows are gorgeous, they can be difficult to cover using traditional window treatments. That’s where the circle-shaped shutter comes in. We custom build our Polywood® shutters in Houston to match your window’s circular shape.


We start off by recording the radius of your room’s circular window – while noting your preferred frame style. This lets us calculate the exact area that will be covered by the shutter louvers. Then, we order each custom circle-shaped shutter using computer software and design based on the exact window dimensions in your room. And we put on the paint colors and stains you opted for to go with your decor directly on the shutters – making a beautiful finish that will never fade or chip.

Finally, our skilled installers install your circular plantation shutters in Houston so you can operate the shutters effortlessly. This way, the shutters can be slanted to let in the amount of light you want – and are movable for cleaning.

Now you have a seamlessly fit circular shutter that allows you to adjust for privacy and light. And your circle window’s shape that you were fond of when you purchased your home is accentuated.

Not only will these custom circular shutters look beautiful, they give you control over temperature – and save you money on your energy bills. Actually, Polywood plantation shutters insulate up to 1600% more effectively than an aluminum blind and 70% better than the equivalent traditional wood shutter. The beauty of circle window shutters in Houston doesn’t have to come at the expense of function or energy efficiency.

Circular configurations are only available in Polywood and Ovation shutters at this time. 

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