The Right Window Treatments For Summer Heat in Houston

Cory Cryer

When it’s hot outside, staying cool is important. A way you can decrease your energy bills and feel cool is to pick the perfect energy efficient window treatments for summer in Houston. 

While not all window treatments have the same benefits, we’ll show you in detail how window treatments prevent heat from seeping in. Also, we’ll show you how to find the most energy-efficient window coverings so you can keep the heat where it should be - outside.

How Energy Efficient Window Treatments Block Heat 

White shutters in bright room. 

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You know the importance of well-insulated attics and windows, but did you know that window treatments can be an easy step to prevent skyrocketing energy bills? Look at some of the ways that energy-efficient window treatments like our Polywood® shutters can block the Houston summer heat and keep your home comfortable. 
  1. Obstructs airflow - Treatments that fit tight in your window opening seal off air and can lessen the hot airflow through your windows. Our Polywood shutters stop as much as 30 degrees of heat coming from your window when they’re shut completely. 

  2. Cuts down on heat transfer - As the sun flows through your window it warms up the glass and that heat might then flow to your room. Energy efficient treatments weaken this heat transfer. Polywood shutters lessen heat transfer by about 46% and have shown to be 70% more energy efficient than wood shutters and about 1600% more energy efficient than aluminum blinds.

  3. Has a large R-value - R-value measures the energy efficiency of insulating materials. It’s needed for windows, insulation, and window treatments. You want a window treatment to have a high R-value. When Polywood shutters are closed and paired with a double-pane window, their R-value equals 6, which is fairly high for window treatments.

What you should look for in energy-efficient window treatments

Polywood Shutters in Houston kitchen 

Now that we covered some of the ways that window treatments stop heat transfer, what specific features should you look for?

Window treatments that will encase the window or trap air

The best way to block airflow is by sealing off the window from your room. You can accomplish this with window treatments like Polywood shutters that completely protects the window when the louvers are shut. What’s exciting about our shutters is that Polywood shutters even have weather stripping which further blocks off any air transfer. The video below demonstrates how you should close Polywood shutters to get the most energy efficiency. (Hint: If your plantation shutters are open, they will allow heat through and are reducing their energy efficiency).

An additional window treatment option is cellular shades.  They trap air in honeycomb-shaped material. However, if you have a gap between the window and the shades, you can discover that there’s airflow coming in from under the shades.

Window coverings that are a light color and use UV-reflecting material

[White|Plantation]313] Shutters in Bedroom 

photo courtesy of Audrey Crisp at Audrey Crisp Interiors 
Light colors reflect heat and can be a good choice for energy efficient window treatments. It’s why our Polywood shutters come in three variations of white and utilize a UV-reflecting paint on them to help your energy bills.

If you want curtains or drapes, make sure that they have a light-colored material that reflects the light.

Need Help Finding the Perfect Window Treatments for Summer and All Year Round?

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